The Clubs

The Aristocrats

The High Rankings

The Regent

Are the ones deemed to convey a rank intermediate between the highest and lowest title of the Coven’s hierarchy.

15 days for 15$





Take the 15$ Commission bellow!

The ones that are considered the Upper-Class of the Covens, but also have the power for a limited time to order above smaller or new ones. They will receive a Special Content Access for 1 Month.

30 Days for 25$




Take the 25$ Commission bellow!

Will answer directly to me (The Coven Founder), will have power to order above smaller vampires or new ones, will receive Special Content Package + Custom Order.

40 days for 150$




Take the 150$ Commission bellow!

  • you will be redirected to a third party payment processor called Ko-fi, the Commission menu is on the left side under Ko-fi Bio or in the main menu there. The payment is done through Paypal or Card. Also in there please give me a valid email address where I can send you the log-in details so you can access everything here. If however it’s easier for you you can always do a direct payment through my CashApp at £VampiredAnna. Thank you so much for your support!