How to start streaming or sex work?

How to start streaming or sex work?

Few Words About Me

Before I start I need to make it clear that I am not a “know it all” person, I am aware I still have a lot to learn and grow. I know some of my thoughts and ideas might be wrong for some so please read this with the purpose on adding something more to what you already know or something new to what you don’t know at all.

I started working at a very young age, on and off had different types of jobs, some better than others, but with each change and choice I have made, I learned something new and different all the time.

Probably is my way to be, to learn as much and as different as possible, maybe was just my luck or bad-luck, thing is.. each experience added something more to my growing and it still does.

And probably you will see it too in my following posts, I am constantly learning and wishing to improve more as well bring on new things on the table and to myself growing. In the end if I will have to give one big advice to myself as well to others: take it slow, plan it before hand, plan it after, keep changing, keep learning and growing, plan it in between and just pray the luck will get you one day.

And finally but not least, you will see in time it’s all a gamble and even if in some points you do and give your 100%, without a sparkle of luck you gain nothing.

Back to Basic Rules

I will start here a blog on how to start doing sex work as well the process involved or just relating my own experience with it. Either way my point is to help not to confuse you more, so let’s start with the basics. 

First rule before starting this: think well on what you are getting yourself into. As it may sound as easy money and fun, trust me is not all sprinkles and bubbles. Don’t wish to scare you or such but you do need a good warning.

Doing it online or offline, sex work is basically exposing yourself to others and fulfilling their needs in order to gain something in return. And yes the main point is to earn money like in any other jobs. Because you do need to understand: it is a job! No matter what others are trying to say or get you down with, this is a job we do.

My second warning: you need to prepare yourself to do only this or to be fired from your vanilla job if people discover you. You get it right! Exposing yourself to others is giving them the way to get into your personal life and do you harm even if they have no right. Soon as you put yourself up there there is no way not to be found, no matter how hard you try to hide, someone at a point will see you and find you. Once again not trying to scare you, just saying the realistic facts that are happening and is better to be prepared than surprised in a very unpleasant way by shitty people.

So if you plan to do this for few months, one year and than move on to a regular job, you may as well forget it now and stick to a regular job, because will cause you more harm than good. I know because I started it this way and after two years I realised there is no way for me to get to a regular job anymore.
How do you explain the gap? How do you answer to what you have done in the past two years? If some might embrace your experience, a sex toy company or such, some will not and will not be easy for you to explain things further to them.

I wanted to make it very clear for you, because at some point as I said before: it looks easy, it’s easy fast work, in some cases better paid, but only if you get very, very, very lucky. The ones without luck are just very, very, very hard workers and at some points, in your adventure, you might even work even harder than a regular job.

How or Where to Start

My recommendation is to start from your own home if you can, but of course if you are living with your family the best way is to find a way to share a room with someone. Going inside a studio might be attractive at the beginning, especially if you are having doubts about things, but on a long term will not do you well. They have a way to make things a bit wrong for your future, because if at a point you are not doing the targets you become disposable and no one will help you anymore, so you end up finding yourself on your own and in need to start back from zero. Have to say some are having big targets in order to get the 50% from you after the platforms cut, so really keep that option last if you really, really have no other option to start.

If you have a room and manage to find a shared room rented or such, start by thinking this way: this room is what they see and actually what is in this room have to reflect my personality, because trust me members/clients do look for clues to find out more about you. Either you make content, videos or just cam, the room you are using is important. They don’t know your personality, they don’t know how you are, who you are, so they look for clues in your surroundings. So try to put small clues, but not too many, build a room character based on yourself and finally but not least and very important, make it comfortable for you! Doing content or streaming in a room you don’t feel good it shows, in your movements, in your voice, in your actions. I know it’s a little detail but adding them up will improve your start.

Making a persona or being yourself? Problem with this is your own security. Of course you need to build a brand, a name, of course you need to hide your true identity, in this area of work safety should come first! Now my advice is to not overdo it. Building a totally fake persona over will get you into more lies and more lies and in the end someone out there will get you and will expose you because some people are as bad as Hollywood exposers, trying to gain fame and clout on your name and work. Now of course some are saying such bad big lies, I honestly don’t blame them, not to mention the legal parts on some things, but this on a later post…

My point is: build yourself a character that will embrace you like a glove and in a way that when you look in the mirror it’s still you but with a twist on. Sure change your name, or use parts of your own name, but safer to change it all, hide whatever personal details you want, but don’t hide or lie about who you are as a human, that will always show up in the end and do you harm if you lied about who you are on the inside.

Technical and Gadgets

All in here depends on what you are wishing to do: cam or streaming or just content like photos or videos, or both at once. My take in this is to start with step one: photos and videos.

When I first started in the studio they did me few photos and literally throw me on cam directly while someone was explaining to me the platforms and what to do. And it felt all so wrong! Now that I think back I had a very bad start in this industry because of this. The “training” as they called it took few hours and on the second day just asked how I am doing and how much I did. That was all! That was the big training! Learned everything while going online by myself, but I had their big targets above my head hanging like an ax.

When I had a look later on other performers, they already had photo sets, videos and content to juggle with. So in order to have a good start on cam and on any platform, do content first! With your phone if you don’t have a webcam yet will work just fine, organise it, make it on themes and fetish, natural or playful, outside or inside, just make photos and galleries, as many as you can. Second is videos: don’t get yourself into big ones, but do make few teasers like 30 seconds long ones, 1 or 2 minutes long ones maximum. Tease the hell out of them and use them everywhere! They will be your promotional start that I didn’t had!

So now back on gadgets, sorry for the long intro but will try explain things in the best way and how I see them now.

If you have a phone that has a decent camera, not gonna name any but will try put up some specifications here and it will be the type of phone that can help you do content without any hustle. Now the 6GB RAM is better by the way, moving faster and such, these are the lowest specs required anyway, if you can you can get them higher but not lower ones. The storage and OS are not important, what is important is the RAM and the camera specs. If you get a phone with these specs or higher you will be able to make good photos, good videos and even stream from it.

Now regarding computers, those are suppose to be good to use them for editing, streaming and so much more. Now of course a laptop is way more handy, easy to transport and move on and off, but lacks on how good and fast/easy you can stream or edit things. Will try my best to add some general specifications on both desktop and laptop and what you need to consider while looking into one.

Laptop/Desktop specifications:

On both I believe the most important is the processor and the RAM, as well the one with SSD will move faster. Both are on a 500$ -700$ budget but this is a minimum you need if you wanna cam as well edit content. These specs are as well valid for the desktop version, except the display size, you can also use your Smart TV instead of a screen and save funds this way. But anyway the RAM has to be higher or equal to 8GB and the processor has to be similar or equal to Intel Core i7.

Regarding the webcam, you can pick Logitech, for starters I believe the C920 is the best one, but if you have no budget or thinking to invest more from start I recommend you get a mirrorless camera ( Sony Alpha by example) and an Elgato Camlink gadget to connect it to your laptop or computer. (will make later a post about these and how to)

A good microphone is good to have, mine by example is a phone/camera one and I can use it on both cam or phone while shooting content, if you search on any store Boya BY-MM1 has a good price as well a good sound. Sure there are other ones better, but for starting this is a good cheap option.

Lights! DO not forget about the lights! My recommendation is to skip the ring light, too expensive and I found better ways to do it as well cheaper, just search Neweer Lights on shops and see for yourself. I do recommend to get two of those to make it look professional or if you have a dark room, but one can help too for start and get another one later. ( will make later a post about how to use your lights)

Hope you managed to read it all and hope was not too boring. Please do leave me comments and questions, will respond to them in my future posts. I have a lot more to share but for now this is enough and well packed on info.

Thank you for reading it all!

(my next post will be about platforms)

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